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"Do you remember where you were and what you were doing when they died?" Is a comment I read - regarding the death of Dale Earnhardt, whom was killed as a result of a crash on the final lap of the Daytona 500 on Feb. 18, 2001.

As a matter of fact, I do remember where I was, and what I was doing when the crash happened, and what I was doing when it was announced of his death.

This is when I still lived in Winchester, and shortly before I met Brian. I had watched the race, and was chatting on the internet with other chatters. I had gotten up to watch the last 5 laps of the race. I remember it was getting very tense at the end, and that when the crashed happened, it just seemed like it would have been a minor fender bender, but it wasnt. I remember watching the final of the race, and went back to the computer to chat. And I remember about 5:45p, the announcement came. The world has lost Dale Earnhardt. I was in shock! I couldnt believe, I remember it was going around the chat room, I was thinking it was a rumor, but it wasnt, it was the truth.

I have always followed Rusty Wallace, and the Christmas before I was given a Dale Earnhardt throw blanket, and to this day, I regret having my ex boyfriend take it back, cause I wasnt a #3 fan. Since Earnhardt's death, I didnt care much for Nascar - I have no clue why, but didnt find it enjoyable much anymore.

But I think I might watch the race today, will have to pick a new driver to watch win the checkered flags.

"As we all stop to pause and reflect back on the man's life, the way it was abruptly ended and what might have been if he lived on, at least we can be comforted by one thought.

Right or wrong, Earnhardt lived life his way. And he went out the way he probably would have wanted to, and the way we'll all remember him best: behind the wheel of his race car."

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Missy said...

I was in an oyster bar in Daytona when I heard he died. My Aunt & Uncle have tickets every year to the race and I went down there with them to be the nanny for their daughter while they did the races. They came back from the race and said that it was really weird how the crash happened and what was being said on the driver's radios...I have my own thoughts on it.

You are so right about how he lived and died and NASCAR isn't the same.


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