New York Beauty

On Wednesday I came home to find an email from a friend (who I also took the storm at sea quilt class with). She asked if I would be interested in helping her with a paper piece project, since she hates paper piecing, and I LOVE paper piecing - reason I love it, is cause I have a straight line to follow.. lol I was honored to be asked, and I emailed her back and said I would like to help her out. I met her on Thursday during my log cabin class, she brought the pieces for a pattern design called New York Beauty. Its an arc, and it contains a total of 17 pieces per arc. And she needed 16 arc total.

Well I had the first arc completed before I left Laurie Jean's quilt studio (I just wanted to make sure I was doing it right) . Piece of cake! I came home after class, and started on it. I had nine completed before I went to bed last night. And I finished the rest of the six tonight. If you are not a quilter, and know paper piecing (or any kind of quilting) - after you are done sewing the
piece on, you need to trim the piece to a quarter of an inch, press the sewn on piece "open", and then sew the next piece on. Well, since there are 17 pieces of fabric to sew on.. you get 16 ups and downs from the machine per arc... well times that by 17 (# of arc). So thats 16 (trips to the machine to sew on the piece) X 17 (# of arc) = 272! I was up and down off the chair 272 times, cut the seam allowance 272 times, and pressed it open 272 times.. LOL And then - you have to trim the arc of the excess material - but that was only 17 times... LOL It took about 20 minutes per block, so it was a very quick process, around 5 1/2 hrs of work. I loved the colors that she has picked out.

But I really enjoyed it.. it was ALOT of fun.. I got to learn a new technique, which I might find myself doing some day. I scanned and added pictures of all the arcs I completed. Cant wait to give the arcs back to her :)


Anonymous said...

Enjoyed all your entries and photos. Thank you for sharing. Loved the pix of the arcs. So pleased that you took on the task! Keep happy, contented--God bless! Nina

Loonie said...

Kim!!! they are wonderful!!! I'm so proud of you!! Laurie Jean


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