Watercolor Wallhanging

While on the phone with my SIL, Lia this morning we got on the discussion of quilts I have made, and I told her I made a Watercolor wallhanging for my first class with Laurie Jean, which she didnt remember seeing. I made it in November 2004. When I was taking the class - it was suppose to be a Christmas themed wreath, but I took it upon myself, and be unique. I wanted something to be displayed all year. So its more of a Northwoodsy themed. And its kept up all year. I did quilt this one myself, I quilted oak, and maple leaves on the border, and around the wreath is just an outline stitch around. I have it hanging in our computer room. And some day wish to have it hanging in our living room soon :) Just need to get rid of the steer skulls.. LOL

I actually have to finish this wallhanging. I just to make a shash to us hold the quilt. I just have tacks hold it up now (and when it gets bumped or something - down comes the quilt) My plan is to make the shashing, and then using a long stick us it for holding the quilt on the wall :)

One of these days, Im going to make another watercolor wallhanging. Just have to find the perfect material.

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