My Baby is home..

and only cost me $857.98 later. Took it into the garage on Tuesday, left it there for a tune up (which my DH has been bugging me to get soon), got a call on Wednesday, asking when they should stop... LOL Told me all that needed to be done on it. Well since I was on vacation - I said just do what needs to be done. But I need the truck back by Friday, since I have to head back to work on Saturday. So it needed all this stuff replaced - I cant remember what it all was since Brian just took the slip next door to show his dad.

Called yesterday (Thursday), asked if the truck was going to be done. No -it needed an alignment cause they had to replace the tirods on both front wheels - and the place that does the alignment was busy that day. No big deal - I can wait another day.

Called this afternoon - truck still wasn't back from the alignment place -but the guy was going to call and find out how much longer. Garage guy calls about 15 minutes later. Its ready! WOOHOO

Got in Brian's van to drive up to Iron River. ITS A WHITE OUT! Its was snowing so hard that it was even hard to even see the tracks from the car that was in front of us. But we managed to get to Iron River safely.

The garage guy showed us all the stuff that he had replaced. Mind you, my truck has 198,698 miles on it. And I thought oh crap, here we go. But the guy commented that the engine was very good yet. :) (Not bad for finally getting the spark plugs replaced for the 1st time (I know hit me now while I'm down.. LOL)) Just needed some minor work done on it - right front axle needs to be replaced, and the thermostat (which Brian can do).

So my chariot is set for sometime - I wanted to put the money into the Explorer, rather than buying a new vehicle, yes its 11 yrs old but it still runs fine, and looks great inside (minus the cleaning I need to do in it -since I live in it all the time). Oh yeah, and the rust, which I call age marks!.. LOL :)

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Missy said...

*GULP!!* $857.98...much cheaper than buying a new car and if you love it then it is worth it!

Not much more in this world that I hate more than a car payment.


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