Tooooo COLD!

Well this picture is just crappy - but I wanted the proof to show you how cold it got here this morning. We have a way of seeing the high and low temps on the digital thermometer. Well this is what it was about 4:30am this morning! -23 degrees BELOW 0 'F (the upper number is the high that we had outdoors, and the middle number is the low that was outdoors. and the bottom number is the humidity.)

COLD! But the sun is out now, and its about -4 degrees with a high about 1 above.

OH BTW - Im off for a week! WOOHOO! The only things on the agenda is to go to Golden Needle, and take the truck to get a tune-up. Other than that.. going to quilt, stitch, and RELAX :)

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Missy said...

BRRRRR!!! You are going to have a great week off, just be sure to stay warm. What better excuse to do quilting and stitching?!?!

p.s. see my blog if you want a mini vacation!:)

Looking forward to lots of pics this week.


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