African Storm At Sea

YAHOO!! Its finished! The quilt top of the African Storm At Sea is done! This quilt I had fostered for a friend, she had 7 blocks already completed, and I finished it all to have 49 blocks. I also had to make the two smaller units to complete the whole layout - which was another 15 of one unit, and then 14 of the other unit. I checked back in the archives as to when I received this quilt and it was Feb 22! I have made two S @ S before, and it pretty much was making 2 of the throws to make just this one! I enjoyed every stitch!

Brian stood on the chair so I could take a picture of the quilt. The quilt is a king size, and its HUGE!

Over this weekend I spent 16 hrs just putting the quilt top together. I figure I had about 30 - 35 hrs in the quilt. No wonder Im exhausted! I had no timeline on getting the quilt finished, but I once I make a promise to get it done, I get it done.. and in little time as possible. Just my nature, I guess.

Since this is a paper pieced quilt, I tore off the paper to help with the weight of the material and the paper. Im so glad I did! (I did leave the paper on the edges to help with putting on the borders). This is the pile of paper that I tore off, I did start by putting it the bag, but then I just ended up on the floor, so if it didnt hit the bag, it was no big deal.. but I pretty much missed the bag each time.. LOL

I think that Laurie Jean would be proud of my "mess".. LOL Yes that is all the paper torn off the quilt, and the bag on the right is full of the same paper! I gotta plant a tree now!


Loonie said...

Woo Hoo! Beautiful! and the mess is great too!!! WOW- I can't wait til Thursday!!!

valda said...

Congratulations on the finish, Kim! You did a fantastic job! Love seeing the paper on the floor!

chris said...

Hi Kim,

I'm chris - Carolyn's daughter who you are making this for. The quilt is beautiful!! Thanks! I can't wait to see it in person! I'm going to put it on my bed!:) You are very talented & driven! Thanks for putting your heart into it! I'm just starting to quilt & finished my first 3 blocks in log cabin style. It is very fun & addicting! Another quilter has been born! Thanks again! :) Chris

Nicole and Phil said...

Kim, it is absolutely gorgeous! You have done a fabulous job on it.....but can you really part with it??? I would be tempted to hold onto it! LOL


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