Living In Fast Forward

Living in Fast Forward.. Now I need to rewind real slow!

Im hooked on this song by Kenny Chesney.. sure sounds like my life lately! Seems like there is never enough seconds, minutes, hours, days, years.. etc.. (LOL) in my day. Today at work, my coworker and I were talking about sleep, and I had mentioned I had gotten to bed about 2am last night (which Im sure is going to be the same again tonight). She mentioned that she was in bed by 8p, heck I was just getting off work at that time, with another 50 minute drive home - which puts it about 9p.

When I get home, I talk with Brian, check the mail, check emails, check ebay, and then settle into what I want/feel like doing for the evening. Thursday night I started on a new quilt. Im making a log cabin style quilt, with fire truck print center block, and it has blue and white logs. I hoped to work on it tonight, and have all the blocks sewn together, but I never made it to the machine. Tomorrow night, when I get home from work (have spent the past 3 days there already) I hope to have the blocks finished, and then on Tuesday I can start putting the quilt together.

Tuesday Im going to work @ the quilt studio, getting the newsletters ready for mailing. Wednesday hope to hear some good news about the washer, that we have been waiting on. Have to work Thursday and Friday. Havent even thought about next weekend yet.

I cant find myself bored, thats for sure. But sometimes you have to be bored to appreciate the time that you have. Just sit back, and allowing yourself to be bored is hard when you have lots of things to be accomplished, but Im grateful that I take the time to become bored. Good for the soul!

Oh boy, here comes the Old Navy commercial.. Daddy Oh.. Clap Shake Jump!

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