Washer has arrived :)

But.. it doesn't work properly ARGH!!!! When we got it unloaded, and put in the bathroom, got it all hooked up. I began a load of wash, baby-sat it in the bathroom, decided to give my sister a call, since she had left a message on the answering machine.

While talking with her - the water kept running and running and running, and the water was getting to the top - right up to the top. So I had to manually move the knob so it would move. I never did the washing, got to the rinse part, it began to fill with water - same thing happened filled right to the top. I "finished" that load.

I did a second load changed it to a small load, same thing happened. Called the place where we bought it from, explained to the guy what happened. He told me to try something - which I did. Same darn thing happened again.

Third load - Brian thought I just should try it again, see what would happen if we didn't do anything, that maybe me opening the door all the time wasn't helping matters. So I listened to him. Guess what!?! WATER is running out the back of the washer on to the floor. I had heard it, I immediately turned the washer off. I said to Brian, who was standing next to me, that there was water on the floor. His response. "Where" DOPE! "On the floor - grab a towel!" He grabs the towel and throws it on the floor, all folded up yet. MEN!

So I was able to get my floor washed in the process.. LOL

So I had to call the appliance guy this morning, and hopefully he can make it tomorrow. Tonight Brian was insistent of seeing it worked since he went a bought another hose to see if it would help. Nope, had to move the knob to the next cycle, or it would fill up to the top. Brian thinks it might be the water inlet valve is bad, will have to see when the guy comes to check it out.

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