I SEE *Stars*!

Yes I saw stars this morning.. LOL All of the 50 state flowers are now sewn together (the blocks that is) and I arranged them on the living room floor for a picture. When I was figuring out why I was ending up with an extra block, come to find out that I had 2 of South Carolina. Im sure that we can find a home for that extra one!

Now these will be taken up to Laurie Jean's and she will be doing wonders with them! I will take a picture when the quilt gets finished! Its going to be HUGE, and awesome. I saw the eagle that is going to be quilted onto the quilt - ts BIG! Im so excited to be working on this project.

I feel so good to be helping on such a large project - being a some what of a beginner - I think I have advanced to the next level, and really enjoy being challenged. Even Brian commented this morning that he thought that quilting was more work, but its really not with that sewing machine.. LOL MEN!

Today is Quilt Day, so Im going to be working this afternoon on the African Storm At Sea - hoping to get more blocks done. Will post what I did later this evening.


valda said...

This is beautiful!!!

Nicole and Phil said...

Kim the starts are turing out really well! They look terrific!


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