Pink/White Log Cabin Quilted

I just have to show off the Pink and White Log Cabin quilt that I got back yesterday after Laurie Jean finished machine quilting it for me! I JUST LOVE IT! We discussed what I wanted on the quilt as far as the stitching design, and since the person that this quilt is going to, loves dragonflies, so did dragonflies and loops. And I think it just turned out AWESOME! Im so happy that I chose a soft pink colored background, cause it really shows the stitching off wonderfully!
Now all I have left to do is make the binding, sew it on, and then handstitch it around the outer edge.


Missy said...

Looks fantastic, ready for my address? LOL! Seriously it is amazing!

valda said...

I just LOVE this pink quilt!! My favorite!!!

Nicole and Phil said...

This is gorgeous! The dragonflies have come out really well! It is always nice to see something different on a log cabin quilt!


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