Never Enough Stash

This is a freebie from 4 My Boys called Never Enough Stash - how true is that! I received this freebie with an ebay win from Melissa (Thanks Melissa!) Started it about 6pm, and was finished by 11:30p - even though I wasnt stitching the whole time - was watching a movie, had dinner, and checked emails thru out the night.

I needed something to stitch while we watched "Walk The Line" what an excellent movie! I loved the music! Joaquin Phoenix can sing! (OH BABY!.. LOL) He portrayed Johnny Cash so well, the movements that were made were just like the legend. Reese Whitherspoon (who won a Best Actress award at the Academy Awards tonight) was a joy to watch! Seeing her in other movies such as Legally Blonde, and Sweet Home Alabama - I think her portrayal as June Carter was the best yet! Loved the movie.

Other than that.. had a great weekend.. worked about 10 hrs total on the African Storm at Sea quilt. Finished up the Yellow Brick Road quilt, put the borders on. Need to get up to Laurie Jean's and get the rest of the material to complete the blocks that I didnt have enough material for. Cleaned the house some, dealt with the washer. Relaxed, stitched, sew, and slept.. LOL


Missy said...

Looks great! Even cuter when stitched (note to self: get stitching).

I keep pestering DH to buy Walk The Line...I had heard it was good. Maybe I will buy it myself!


Nicole and Phil said...

this is great!
looking forward to seeing the Storm at Sea quilt! can we have some progress piccies?

Anne said...

I agree, Walk the Line is excellent. I thought maybe the main actor, what's his name, yeah should have won something at the Oscar's toooo. Happy stitching.

valda said...

This is a really cute design. How are you going to finish it?


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