Update about the Washer

This afternoon Brian and I went and dropped our washer off at the repair shop. Well we just left it there, told them they didn't have to worry about repairing it, since the guy that does the repairs - umm said that it wasn't worth the time for us and him to repair it as the kind of brand the washer is, they have a hard time getting parts for it. We looked around and looked at the new machines that they have there. I had my heart set on a certain machine, but I thought that it might not work. Well since we live in a mobile home, we are limited on space. The normal machine is 27" across. But 27" is too wide for us. We need something 25" and smaller. We checked out a washer and dryer, that were stackable. I more so just want the washer, as I always hang the clothes to dry above the bathtub. Well we weren't sure how much we could play with. So we came home, but left our old washer/dryer there - we had asked if it was ok to just leave the old machine there, and if there was a charge for disposal - Nope.

So we came home, measured the size of the area we have the washer in. Went over to Brian's parents and measured their washer. They have the normal size washer. So we decided to go up to Iron River and see what they had up there. We stopped at an appliance store. Looked around, didn't see anything that we liked. Talked with the sales guy about our dilemma. He said that his boss had just ordered some 24" Whirlpool wash machines this morning.. LOL. I was so excited. Of course they wont be there till Wednesday. But I had asked if they could hold one for us. We actually have no clue as to what the machine will look like. But since we are in a bind to get one, I paid for the machine in full and they will be delivering it later next week. WOOHOO!

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