Little House in The Woods

I started this last night, and while waiting today for the washer to finish, I finished another project :)

Its called Little House in the Woods, a design from Heart In Hand, stitched on 18ct Mushroom aida. I will be finishing it into a wallhanging.

Waiting for the washer you are thinking.. umm werent you suppose to have gotten your washer last week? Umm yes you are right, but nope still havent gotten our washer :(. Its on backorder from the company. So now we have to wait till next Wednesday to see if it comes in or not. But my MIL was very generous and allowed me to do 5 loads today. So now Im all caught up on the laundry! :)


Anne said...

Boy have you been busy. I love the finished quilts and your cute finished x stitches. Have a great week. Happy Stitching

valda said...

I LOVE this one! I really like HIH designs!

Nicole and Phil said...

This is really lovely too! What a great excuse to do more stithcing! LOL. While I was baking a cake the other day I did a bit more of my stitching..I hadto set the times though so I didn't forget about it! LOL


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