Funeral Services will be held

for the washer/dryer! Yes I think that its going to appliance heaven! (Well atleast from this house.. LOL) We have one of those combination washer/dryer which we got from my parents for a wedding gift - which was 3.5 yrs ago. When we first got it - it took about 1.5hrs to do a load of laundry, and now it was taking about 2.5 hrs to do a load.

Yesterday morning I was doing a load of clothes in the washer, and it just started making the most awful noises that I haven't heard it make before. It would make noises before in the past, go to check on it, and it would be fine the next load.

This noise yesterday was like when you opened the bathroom door, you were going to see parts of the machine flying around the room.. LOL Walked in, turned off the machine, and started it back up again. Did the same thing (and of course its when its doing its spin cycle). I took the load out of it and hung it up to dry, cause I wasn't going to use it again.

Brian tried to check out the back of the washer - took off the cover. He has a feeling its the barrings - the tub is a front loading, and when we would spin the tub around.. it was catching something, and when it was working with the power, it sounded like war was going on in the bathroom... LOL

So we are going to have to go shopping for atleast a washer - I really didn't use the dryer, cause when I used it, it had a "hot" smell to the room, and the clothes were a wrinkle mess when they were dry. So I just hang the clothes to dry in shower.

Arrangements are pending.. LOL

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