Ive had an very unwanted visitor at my house tonight actually for the past couple days. Just got done cleaning up its mess! I am so sick of putting up with its crap, I could SCREAM!

Would someone PLEASE take this unacceptable thing from my home! ARGH!!

Free to a good home... take all you want! I don't want this darn frog here anymore!

I should be stitching, not rippin!
Note to blog writer.. Would helped if you paid more attention to what you are stitching, then we wouldn't have this problem..LOL


The Chicken Lady said...

Ok. You are crazy, and I like it! ;) I hope the frog is done. :)

Dawn B. said...

So sorry that little pessty frog paid you a visit.

Lelia said...

LOL. Shoo away that frog. I keep a frog charm on my stitching desk. It is sorta my lucky charm to wart off the rip-its


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