Oh the joys of what $4.99 can bring you

Ha, what a title! I have to say. But its true. If you are an animal lover.. stop now.. don't go any further. Why you thinking I'm saying this.. well long story short.. something dies in the end.

Walked into Bigari's today on a mission. "Where can I find the mouse traps?"
"Aisle 50, just past the barbecue" (how fitting).

See, the other night.. Brian heard something in the cupboard. He found the source of the noise, proceeded to look. "Kim, you have to come here and look at this"

I get out of the stitching chair to find a pile of uncooked noodles next to the plastic storage bowls. Umm they don't belong there!! I checked out where the noodles are stored. And there I find chewed open bag of noodles... with a 1/4 of the bag remain. ARGH! Brian starts to take the plastic bowls out of the cupboard. We set a trap in the cupboard.

I was investigating where the rest of the noodles would be stored.. and I happen to seek damage that the dang better only be one mouse has caused. As I opened up a door, I see it chewed a hole into a bag where I was storing all the bags of chocolate morsels, I had to open the ziploc bag to throw out the chewed into bag of morsels. I could not believe it.. there was a WHOLE bag of white chocolate morsels GONE from the bag! I thought.. dang this mouse is costing me $$!!

Over the next couple nights.. the first night, the mouse moved all the uncooked noodles that we left in its pile.. and they are missing now. Set a trap.. it was triggered, and no mouse.. peanut butter gone. Last night, we could hear the mouse.. but didn't get lucky. Trap was not triggered and the peanut butter was missing.. ARGH!

So, that was the last straw! After work tonight I stopped and got some different, more effect traps.... I bought two kinds. The de-Con 'No View, No Touch Mouse Traps, and something that I haven't seen before. Its a plastic trap, and claims to be more effect than the ordinary trap. So I got home. Showed Brian my purchases which totaled $12.70. We placed two of the plastic traps in the cupboard with its final nibble of cheese.

We proceeded with our evening. A few hours later we hear a clunk. Brian and I both look at each other and Bri tells me. "I think we got it" He looks in the cupboard where he thinks it may be. I told him to be careful when he opens the door..LOL Gotta think, safety first!

YEP!! We got a mouse!! I'm not an animal killer, well expect for animals that are eating my food and causing havoc!

Guess what I get to do this weekend! You better be thinking, oh my.. she better be cleaning up her cupboards and rewashing all the dishes. Yep, you guessed it!


Irene said...

I hope he didn't leave any friends behind :) Guess you will be having a busy weekend.

Wawanna said...

Oh how I hate those things, and they do make a big mess. Sometimes they are just so hard to get, pesky little things arn't they. You think, surly I am smarter than that mouse! Cute story, big $ for just one little ole mouse!

Michelle said...

Kim, raw bacon works for mice too.. luckily my cats take care of rodents for me :)


mamaduck said...

I had that same issue at the beginning of Nov. Did you find out where the rodents were coming in?

Sandy Beistle in Appleton

The Chicken Lady said...

Well, I read the beginning and the end and I hate that a little mouse had to die, but I don't blame you one little tiny bit. I hope you got all the cleaning done.


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