Going to build a town...

Since the day I laid eyes on it.. Ive wanted to stitch it! When it was coming out in the series, each time I would whimper and go... "oh so cute!"

Well its about time I bring it to life! Yep, Im going to start on Bent Creek's "Snapperville"! For those that have no idea what Im talking about.. you can see the charts here.... Barn, Main Street, Homestead, Stockyard, Pumpkin Farm, Town Hall. Of course I dont have what the border will look, so you will have to check back and see. :)

Today in the mail arrived my fabric for Snapperville (which we {SIQ}, is having a Series SAL). I talked with Vickie, and she dyed me a huge piece of 32ct... and its the PERFECT color!! Thank you so much Vickie for doing this for me!! You tell her the color you want, and man oh man.. she delivers!!

I have all the charts and border. But Im going to stitch it alittle differently. I have a different saying picked out. Im really excited. The fabric is all ready to go in the QSnap, and is nicely snug in its QSnap Hugger. Im all set to go! Now to go and find the charts and the floss..LOL

Off to stitch!

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