Day 1 of 2008

Well, our day didn't start till 12:30pm!! We went to bed the night before at 12:20am, and were soon fast asleep! I so needed the rest!!

After I got up, and going. Threw a load of laundry into the washer. Then I checked emails, and then started lunch.. LOL Did another load later on.

I worked on a QSnap Hugger order, and I got all 12 of them completed! Talked with my sister, my mom and dad on the phone. Just plain had a lazy day! We are watching The Twilight Zone marathon on SciFi, pretty much all evening.

Have not left the house all day, and no plans to either..LOL I'm off to stitch! Might have a finish to show in a couple days! The only plans for tomorrow.. bank and post office!

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