Brett Favre Jersey... stitched!

Friday night I had an email waiting for me. A blog reader, emailed me to say that she had seen that I was a Green Bay Packer fan. She had designed something and wanted to know if I was I was interested.

Heck ya I was interested!..LOL I started stitching on it Friday night, and just finished up with it earlier tonight.

So, here is Brett Favre's jersey all stitched up on 22ct over one with DMC floss.

Thanks Jennifer for thinking of me!!


Missy said...

Looks great!

Go Pack, Go!

: )

Jennifer aka Sweet Pea said...

It's just adorable!

Meari said...

Very cute indeed! I need one of those!

Sandy said...

Too cute. I love him too, but I think it's because he's so cute. I've not watched him play football much. LOL TFS.

Michele said...

ohh gag me! *grin*

very very cute jersey .. how are you going to finish it??

karen said...

that looks great! our best friends are Packer fans, need to get something like that to stitch for them. great job!


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