Exciting News to report..

Earlier today, the phone rings....

"Did you hear the news yet?"
"Well I kinda figured it, from your email."
"Ok, well I wanted to know if you wanted to be in our wedding - but it won't be till June 6, '09."
"YES! I would love to be!"

Yep, its "official" (well, the ring isn't on her finger yet, but my brother is working on it). My youngest brother and his gf (who have been together for 5+ yrs now) are getting married! I'm so excited! I'm very honored to be asked to be apart of the wedding party! Both my sister and other brother will be in the bridal party.

A couple hours later, phone rings again. Its my sister.. thinking she is going to talk about the wedding.... nope.

"Do you think you can babysit again when we go to the (Nascar) races in August?"
"Sure can!"

Nothing like getting advanced warning! Gonna ink up the calendar now! WOOHOO!! Talk about getting some exciting news! Now I'm on a high! I think I will take it out on my stitching.. he he

1 comment:

Vickie said...

Wow!! Congrats on gaining a new SIL! At least you have few months to prepare for babysitting!


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