Top Ten Signs You Know You're In Green Bay

Before the Green Bay Packers whipped the Seahawks (sorry Michele!), they had this funny clip on the pregame show. I got home tonight and did a search.. and I found it!! Its hilarious!
Top Ten Signs You Know You're In Green Bay

10. When you order coffee, they ask if you want cheese on it.
9. Rock bands count off their tunes, "One, two, three, Favre."
8. Even the Swedish pancake house is named "Lombardi's."
7. You can legitimately call in sick with a Lambeau Leap injury.
6. This song is actually played on the radio.
"Hey now, Hey now, my Brett Favre's back"
5. 97% of woman and 79% of men answer "Brett Favre" to the question "Who would you cheat on your spouse with?"
4. The head couch always has a stupid smirk on his face.
3. When you order Cheetos, they ask if you want cheese on it.
2. You buy your coffee at Bart Starrbucks.
1. You overhear the phrase "Is that a brat in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?"


Lelia said...

LOL. I don't follow sports;however, enjoy your footballmoment.

Peg said...

Gotta love them Packers! WOOHOO! What a game yesterday. Now to have Dallas lose so that next week it's another game in Green Bay. Love those 10 signs.

Jennifer aka Sweet Pea said...

Heck of a game yesterday. I only wish you were coming to Dallas next week, but since you're not, would you mind putting a beat down on Eli and company? LOL

Michele said...

Congrats Kim .. it was a tough game but the best team of the day won. But watch out for next year! lol

I love the top 10 .. my favorite nascar driver is from WI .. so I am a little partial to your side of the US *smile*


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