Extra Skeins of Floss

Last April, or May.. cant remember. I took advantage of the Hancock going out of business at their Rhinelander store. If I remember right, I think I purchased like 435 skeins of floss. Well since then, they have been in their bag that I came home with. And if I think I might find a skein of a certain number, I look in the bag.

Otherwise, I have a list of all the DMC floss that I have extra of, which I store right in my Jammer box. So, today, I sat down and sorted out all of the floss that I needed to inventory, and put the #s on my list. How I store my extra floss is simple. They are all grouped by their own numbered bags, (example.. 712 is in the 700 bag, 3799 is in the 3700 bag.). I use quart size ziploc bags, and for 2 of the #s - 700 & 800, are in gallon size ziploc bags.

Now what I will do is print out the "Extra DMC List" and tape it to my Jammer box. It does seem like alot of work, but have me from searching thru 100's of skeins to find one skein! Now when I go to pull threads for a new project, of when I need to add some to the bobbin, I can check the list and see if I have that skein. If not, then I buy it. Works great for me!

BTW, this does not include the floss that I have pulled for birthday exchanges.

How do you store your extra skeins of floss?


Linen Stitcher said...

I talked about my floss storage in my blog post dated 10/23/07. I used to use the same Ziploc storage system that you describe here, but I have to say that the mini plastic drawer units I use now make it easier to kit up new projects, and they'll work fine until I can afford one of those beautiful antique spool cabinets that I have my eye on. LOL!

'Berta said...

Both are great ideas...my stash isn't that big...5 DMC Floss Boxes...I posted a little diddie about it today on my blog.!

Deanne J said...

Wow that's a lot of floss. My extras are just in a ziplock bag, but I only have abt 20 extra skeins

Stitchermommy said...

I store all my extra floss (as I did the same as you and bought out my Hancock Fabrics and my Walmart when they both did away with floss. I find it very easy too to find a floss that I am looking for.

Vickie said...

I use the little floss bags...I have 9 shoebox sizes. I love them!!

The Chicken Lady said...

Wow, talk about organized! You are the floss organizing queen! :) I don't have that much floss, so I just have a little floss organizing box with the floss wrapped around the little floss plastic thingies. I'm organized and use technical words! :) hee hee

Irene said...

I have a jammer full of them, but the labels keep falling off. I have gotten some Plano boxes, but haven't started putting them in there yet. I actually like your way of storing them.


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