This is what I did on a snowy afternoon..

If you remember, I had a finish... Winter Love by Sam Sarah Designs a week or two ago... well I have now finished it into a hanging pillow! Turned out too cute!

Before Christmas I had contacted Cheryl @ Cheryl's Stitchery Nook, asking her about if she had the Snapperville buttons for the border. Yep, she did, but she had to order them. I waited till after Christmas to place my order. It was a wonderful experience dealing with Cheryl, and she will get my service in the future. :)

I thought, what the hay.. why not see if she could get the Winter Love button pack also. Emailed her, and asked. Yep, she could. I got the buttons last Friday.. got the email that they were being mailed on Thursday.. talk about fast delivery (Thanks you USPS!).

I have the day off, and its been bugging me to make Winter Love into a hanging pillow. Had to make a QH for a friend so I just thought I would keep all my supplies out, and work on the pillow.

Here is the final results! TOO CUTE! And this finish is all mine!

I did have a request from Froggie asking me the color of the fabric -... Im sorry, I have no clue the color as it was here in my stash unlabeled. Sorry.


Irene said...

Terrific finish !!!

Anonymous said...

I love that design ever so much. You did a beautiful job finishing. I love it!

Kim said...

Very Cute Finish!


Cross Stitch Fan said...

This pillow is my favorite post on your Blog - It turned out so well. I also was drawn to your blog because I saw the Wisconsin Xstitch license plate. My family roots are from the Osseo WI area. My Grandmother still lives there.

Thanks for letting me browse!!


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