What a game!

As I type this comment is a lovely, -10.2 degrees outside!

I first have to say, congrats to the New York Giants on their win. My head hurts from yelling, and my throat is sore. What a great game! The Packers gave it their all, and it showed, but dang overtime (Webster, you weren't suppose to catch that ball!!) Hope the Giant's coach doesn't end up with a nasty case of frostbite

Just because the Packers lost, doesn't change my liking for them.. it always makes it sweeter! Great job boys! Is it August yet?!

Well, the plan was for the day to go to my BIL's and SIL's house at 11:30am, to watch their son as they went on a little trip downstate. And the kid wanted to watch the game @ 2. So we were asked if we could watch him. So I went down there, and well, he played his Game cube, while I stitched. Worked out great! I did have to frog some on the word love. But I got a great start on it otherwise.

So, this was my results of my stitching today. Its a progress pic of the Double Flips from Lizzie Kate. I LOVE how its turning out! I'm also stitching on a BAP model, so having this as a side project is great!


Jennifer said...

I'm sorry your Pack lost - we were cheering for them. But I did turn to my husband and say, "How much longer till pre-season?"

Rachel said...

I agree...great game and there's always next year!! Packer fans are LOYAL!!!

Rebecca (AKA - Rebel In Ontario) said...

Sorry to hear your team didn't go any further but what a wonderful start on your double flips! Thought you might like to see the following link...http://lizziekate-sal.blogspot.com/

Vickie said...

Sorry about your packers. Love the LK designs! DH is already sad football season is over.


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