I Dont Wanna Work......

I just wanna cheer on the Pack all day!

Im going to work with my Green and Gold on tomorrow! Bring on the Seahawks! Bring on Favre! Bring on Lambeau! Let's play some FOOTBALL!!

Go Pack GO!! Had the chance to watch the Packer Pep Rally tonight! That was sooo cool to see all the fans in their Green and Gold, raising one heck of a time!

Our Farve, who art in Lambeau
Hallowed be they arm
The bowl will come, it will be won in Phoenix as it is in Lambeau.
Give us this Saturday
Our weekly win
And give us many touchdown passes
But do not let the Seahawks pass against us.
Lead us not into frustration
But deliver us to the valley of the sun.
For thine is the MVP, the best of the NFC,
And the glory of the cheeseheads,
Now and forever.


Jennifer aka Sweet Pea said...

You can stitch on your new project tomorrow during the game. :-)

Rachel said...

I was cheering them on *very loudly* I scared the cats!!! I was so happy they won....Now I'm hoping that Dallas loses today!!


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