Round.. I lost count

This afternoon, Brian and I had to run up to Iron River for some errands. Our third to the last stop was to get some groceries. As Im walking across the parking lot, out of NO WHERE Im broad sided in the eye with a snowflake! I must have pissed off Mother Nature as I swore under my breath.

We were in the check out line, and I told Brian, dont even look outside.

It was a WHITE OUT! Dagnabit! We got home just barelly crawling, all the groceries and what nots into the house, and I thought I would snap a picture of our ....

Winter Wonderland....

I heard that we were suppose to get 2", but I think that since we have been home we have gotten 2"+! See the picture, you can see the famous internet satalite dish on the outhouse..LOL


Double Flips - WIP 01/25/08

Here is my progress, as you can see, Im as far as I can go for now (well except for the border). Im stitching this all in DMC, and its really making the colors pop. Thanks for letting me share, I hope I have enabled someone.

For those not aware, Lizzie*Kate is offering a series this year, rather than months its to do with 12 inspirational sayings. Its called Double Flips.


Guess what happens when...

You get hit by a flying....... SIPPY CUP! Yep. 2 stitches above the right eye.

Natalie is doing well.

SBQ - Jan 23rd

This week's SBQ is:

Have you had a happy dance yet this year? If so, tell us about it! (Or just point to the entry that mentions it.) If not, when do you predict it will be?

Yes I have had several.. Winter Love, Ask Me About My Grandkids, The Homestead, Brett Favre's Jersey, and my progress of the Double Flips. And I hope to have another one tonight.


Progress Report of the Double Flips

Here is a pic showing my progress of the Double Flips from Lizzie Kate. So far I have stitched "Dream", "Love", and "Remember". Its turning out fricken cute! I love the colors on the white fabric as it really makes the threads pop!

Thought I would share a progress picture before I moved the fabric up on the QSnap.

Thanks to Rebecca, she stated in her comment on the first progress pic, that there is a SAL for this design. I have been invited and just posted my first post over there too. Check it out. Lizzie Kate SAL


Next up quilt project...

What do you think of my palette for the next requested quilt to be made?!?!

I was asked if I could make a quilt for a friend. I needed to find out what colors they wanted and what theme, if any they were looking for. Last Wednesday I had asked what colors they would prefer, and it was plainly said. "Bright colors!" And it was my choice for pattern. So Saturday at work, while I played with the fabrics, I pulled out the fabrics that screamed "bright" to me. Came home with the 18 fat quarters. Took them with me to work today, and got the approval that they liked the colors. :)

I'm going to use the Yellow Brick Road pattern, which will really make the quilt BRIGHT! I'm not going to attach a border, but use black for the binding.

Just need to get the fabric washed, and then I can start whacking away at it.


What a game!

As I type this comment is a lovely, -10.2 degrees outside!

I first have to say, congrats to the New York Giants on their win. My head hurts from yelling, and my throat is sore. What a great game! The Packers gave it their all, and it showed, but dang overtime (Webster, you weren't suppose to catch that ball!!) Hope the Giant's coach doesn't end up with a nasty case of frostbite

Just because the Packers lost, doesn't change my liking for them.. it always makes it sweeter! Great job boys! Is it August yet?!

Well, the plan was for the day to go to my BIL's and SIL's house at 11:30am, to watch their son as they went on a little trip downstate. And the kid wanted to watch the game @ 2. So we were asked if we could watch him. So I went down there, and well, he played his Game cube, while I stitched. Worked out great! I did have to frog some on the word love. But I got a great start on it otherwise.

So, this was my results of my stitching today. Its a progress pic of the Double Flips from Lizzie Kate. I LOVE how its turning out! I'm also stitching on a BAP model, so having this as a side project is great!

Need your help! Vote For Brett!

What a perfect day to pass this along! Go Packers!! Brian and I are all decked out in our Packer appearal, and ready to whip some Gaint butt! Im looking forward to the game!


Brett Favre and Wisconsin Charity Hi Packer Fans. The final voting for Fed Ex quarterback of the year is going on right now. It's between Brett, Tony Romo, and Tom Brady. A Wisconsin charity will win if Brett wins. You can vote once a day until the 23rd of January. This site will take you to the voting area: http://www.nfl.com/partner?partnerType=players-air-and-ground Please share the link with other Packer Fans!


Extra Skeins of Floss

Last April, or May.. cant remember. I took advantage of the Hancock going out of business at their Rhinelander store. If I remember right, I think I purchased like 435 skeins of floss. Well since then, they have been in their bag that I came home with. And if I think I might find a skein of a certain number, I look in the bag.

Otherwise, I have a list of all the DMC floss that I have extra of, which I store right in my Jammer box. So, today, I sat down and sorted out all of the floss that I needed to inventory, and put the #s on my list. How I store my extra floss is simple. They are all grouped by their own numbered bags, (example.. 712 is in the 700 bag, 3799 is in the 3700 bag.). I use quart size ziploc bags, and for 2 of the #s - 700 & 800, are in gallon size ziploc bags.

Now what I will do is print out the "Extra DMC List" and tape it to my Jammer box. It does seem like alot of work, but have me from searching thru 100's of skeins to find one skein! Now when I go to pull threads for a new project, of when I need to add some to the bobbin, I can check the list and see if I have that skein. If not, then I buy it. Works great for me!

BTW, this does not include the floss that I have pulled for birthday exchanges.

How do you store your extra skeins of floss?

SBQ - Jan 16th

This week's SBQ was suggested by Outi and is:

What is your favorite past time while stitching? Do you just enjoy silence, listen to music/audiobooks or do you "watch" TV/movies? Do you have specific favorites you listen to/watch while stitching?

Well, mostly when I stitch, its in my stitching chair, and the tv is always on while we are in the living room. When Brian is watching tv, then he kinda controls watches what he wants to watch. And when he is gone to bed, I like to turn on the music channels and listen to the music.

When we watch a movie.. I barely get any stitching done. I like to actually "watch" the movie..LOL If I do listen to music during stitching.. then its mostly CMT, or country music.


We Love Brett Favre!!!

I had this video sent to me - and this is first time I have seen it.. AWESOME..... We Love our Brett Favre!!.....

The road to the SuperBowl goes through Lambeau, bring on the Giants!


Brett Favre Jersey... stitched!

Friday night I had an email waiting for me. A blog reader, emailed me to say that she had seen that I was a Green Bay Packer fan. She had designed something and wanted to know if I was I was interested.

Heck ya I was interested!..LOL I started stitching on it Friday night, and just finished up with it earlier tonight.

So, here is Brett Favre's jersey all stitched up on 22ct over one with DMC floss.

Thanks Jennifer for thinking of me!!

This is what I did on a snowy afternoon..

If you remember, I had a finish... Winter Love by Sam Sarah Designs a week or two ago... well I have now finished it into a hanging pillow! Turned out too cute!

Before Christmas I had contacted Cheryl @ Cheryl's Stitchery Nook, asking her about if she had the Snapperville buttons for the border. Yep, she did, but she had to order them. I waited till after Christmas to place my order. It was a wonderful experience dealing with Cheryl, and she will get my service in the future. :)

I thought, what the hay.. why not see if she could get the Winter Love button pack also. Emailed her, and asked. Yep, she could. I got the buttons last Friday.. got the email that they were being mailed on Thursday.. talk about fast delivery (Thanks you USPS!).

I have the day off, and its been bugging me to make Winter Love into a hanging pillow. Had to make a QH for a friend so I just thought I would keep all my supplies out, and work on the pillow.

Here is the final results! TOO CUTE! And this finish is all mine!

I did have a request from Froggie asking me the color of the fabric -... Im sorry, I have no clue the color as it was here in my stash unlabeled. Sorry.


Top Ten Signs You Know You're In Green Bay

Before the Green Bay Packers whipped the Seahawks (sorry Michele!), they had this funny clip on the pregame show. I got home tonight and did a search.. and I found it!! Its hilarious!
Top Ten Signs You Know You're In Green Bay

10. When you order coffee, they ask if you want cheese on it.
9. Rock bands count off their tunes, "One, two, three, Favre."
8. Even the Swedish pancake house is named "Lombardi's."
7. You can legitimately call in sick with a Lambeau Leap injury.
6. This song is actually played on the radio.
"Hey now, Hey now, my Brett Favre's back"
5. 97% of woman and 79% of men answer "Brett Favre" to the question "Who would you cheat on your spouse with?"
4. The head couch always has a stupid smirk on his face.
3. When you order Cheetos, they ask if you want cheese on it.
2. You buy your coffee at Bart Starrbucks.
1. You overhear the phrase "Is that a brat in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?"


I Dont Wanna Work......

I just wanna cheer on the Pack all day!

Im going to work with my Green and Gold on tomorrow! Bring on the Seahawks! Bring on Favre! Bring on Lambeau! Let's play some FOOTBALL!!

Go Pack GO!! Had the chance to watch the Packer Pep Rally tonight! That was sooo cool to see all the fans in their Green and Gold, raising one heck of a time!

Our Farve, who art in Lambeau
Hallowed be they arm
The bowl will come, it will be won in Phoenix as it is in Lambeau.
Give us this Saturday
Our weekly win
And give us many touchdown passes
But do not let the Seahawks pass against us.
Lead us not into frustration
But deliver us to the valley of the sun.
For thine is the MVP, the best of the NFC,
And the glory of the cheeseheads,
Now and forever.



Ive had an very unwanted visitor at my house tonight actually for the past couple days. Just got done cleaning up its mess! I am so sick of putting up with its crap, I could SCREAM!

Would someone PLEASE take this unacceptable thing from my home! ARGH!!

Free to a good home... take all you want! I don't want this darn frog here anymore!

I should be stitching, not rippin!
Note to blog writer.. Would helped if you paid more attention to what you are stitching, then we wouldn't have this problem..LOL


SBQ - Jan 9th

This week's SBQ is:

What was your favorite finish of 2007?

My favorite finish of '07 proudly hangs on our living room wall. Its the Sampler Game Board from The Drawn Thread. I really enjoyed stitching on it, and was kinda bummed when I was done.

My other favorite finish was the Wedding Row by Bent Creek, that I made into a pillow for my uncle and his new wife last March.

Oh wow, check this out!

Yesterday I was looking thru my blog reader at all the new posts that were posted by other bloggers. And I came across Mary Kathryn's blog entry. When she posts pictures it doesn't show it on my reader (probably cause of the wordpress or something). So I happened to click on her post, took me to her blog. And look what I found!! Twinkle Twinkle Little Cat as a pillow!

OMG, that pillow in the middle is my model I did for Debbie Draper! How cool is that!! I emailed Mary Kathryn for her permission to link to her blog, and I asked if she had the other model in her pillow pile. She said yes, and that she would post it in time. How cool is that!! I love seeing the model this way. Turned out so darn cute!!

Im now a Netflix Subscriber!

Yep, I took the plunge! Thanks to my wonderful friend Vickie, I have now signed up for Netflix. I'm doing the 2 week trial thingy now, but I'm sure I will continue with it for a while. We have Directv, but we find alot of times there is just nothing on to watch. I can only take so much of reruns on TvLand (which is Brian's fav channel).

I rented movies the other night for the first time in like 5+ years. And guess what! I already have to pay the late fee..LOL I was going to take the movies (5 of them) back to the video place, but I had a call yesterday not to come into work. So, I called and said I was going to bring them back a day late due to the weather. So I will have to pay the late fees on each of the movies for a day late. GRR!

So, this got Vickie and I into a discussion about movies, as she was watching "3:10 to Yuma", which she got from Netflix, and was extremely happy with their service. So, I asked a few questions about the service. I went to their website, and did some research on my own. Signed up, and did a search for movies.

Ok, why is it when you are looking for good movies, you cant think of them..LOL So I had to do some seeking on the internet what too look for. I think I have a wonderful selection in the queue!!

WOOHOO! Just checked... we have "I Now Pronounce You Chuck And Larry", "The Lakehouse", and "Hairspray" with the status of shipping today! WOHOO! Now gotta see how long it takes to get here!! My luck they will take the long boat to China or something..LOL

Ok, now I'm looking for suggestions of good movies!!


The Homestead - Bent Creek Finish!

Yep, you read that right, I have another finish! WOOHOO! I know Im doing this as a series, but Im celebrating each chart of the series as a finish.

Here is "The Homestead finished. Im stitching on 32ct hand dyed, light taupe. Here is another picture of the progess I have made so far stitching it.

About an hour before I was to leave for work, the phone rang. Was told not to even come into work (had to work at Wardo's), I didn't complain. The weather was terrible, and cancellations all over the place. Only thing I thought of was... needed to return some movies today, but we will get them up there tomorrow. Only $0.50 a day for a late fee, and we have 5 of them.. so I would rather pay the late fee than risk going in the ditch. Its been a great day so far.. had a couple orders I worked on, and sat down and got some stitching done on Snapperville. Tonight I will work alittle more on my model.


Ask Me About My Grandkids - LK FINISH

When I had seen this adorable chart, I knew right away I wanted to stitch it. So last night we were going to watch a couple movies, and I needed something small to stitch on so I could watch the movie.

So I did a quick search and found "Ask Me About My Grandkids" from Lizzie Kate. I prepped the material, and I was off stitching, and enjoying the movies. Its stitched on a piece of 28ct linen and Clay is the color. I used the suggested DMC floss to stitch it with.

I plan to make it into a wallhanging for my Mom.


Exciting News to report..

Earlier today, the phone rings....

"Did you hear the news yet?"
"Well I kinda figured it, from your email."
"Ok, well I wanted to know if you wanted to be in our wedding - but it won't be till June 6, '09."
"YES! I would love to be!"

Yep, its "official" (well, the ring isn't on her finger yet, but my brother is working on it). My youngest brother and his gf (who have been together for 5+ yrs now) are getting married! I'm so excited! I'm very honored to be asked to be apart of the wedding party! Both my sister and other brother will be in the bridal party.

A couple hours later, phone rings again. Its my sister.. thinking she is going to talk about the wedding.... nope.

"Do you think you can babysit again when we go to the (Nascar) races in August?"
"Sure can!"

Nothing like getting advanced warning! Gonna ink up the calendar now! WOOHOO!! Talk about getting some exciting news! Now I'm on a high! I think I will take it out on my stitching.. he he

Looking for...

Size 28 Petite Needles...

Recently I had the opportunity to purchase some size 28 petite needles from someone on the 123 Message board. The lady had purchased them in bulk, and I was able to get 25 of them. Well, my supply is starting to dwindle down. And I want more! I have fallen in love with these needles, and I would love to get more. If you have some that you don't want, or its just not your thing.. I would love to take them off your hands!

You can just post a comment and I can get ahold of you, if not, you can email me.. my email is on my profile page. And we can work something out! I really appreciate it! Can exchange a QSnap Hugger, if you like :)

Thanks much!


SBQ - January 3rd

This week's SBQ is:

Are you starting something new to celebrate the New Year or participating in "Guilt Free January?" If so, what are you planning on starting?

For Jan 1st, I was to start on Snapperville, but I didnt have the fabric. But it arrived yesterday (the 2nd), and I have put a few stitches into it.

Oh the joys of what $4.99 can bring you

Ha, what a title! I have to say. But its true. If you are an animal lover.. stop now.. don't go any further. Why you thinking I'm saying this.. well long story short.. something dies in the end.

Walked into Bigari's today on a mission. "Where can I find the mouse traps?"
"Aisle 50, just past the barbecue" (how fitting).

See, the other night.. Brian heard something in the cupboard. He found the source of the noise, proceeded to look. "Kim, you have to come here and look at this"

I get out of the stitching chair to find a pile of uncooked noodles next to the plastic storage bowls. Umm they don't belong there!! I checked out where the noodles are stored. And there I find chewed open bag of noodles... with a 1/4 of the bag remain. ARGH! Brian starts to take the plastic bowls out of the cupboard. We set a trap in the cupboard.

I was investigating where the rest of the noodles would be stored.. and I happen to seek damage that the dang better only be one mouse has caused. As I opened up a door, I see it chewed a hole into a bag where I was storing all the bags of chocolate morsels, I had to open the ziploc bag to throw out the chewed into bag of morsels. I could not believe it.. there was a WHOLE bag of white chocolate morsels GONE from the bag! I thought.. dang this mouse is costing me $$!!

Over the next couple nights.. the first night, the mouse moved all the uncooked noodles that we left in its pile.. and they are missing now. Set a trap.. it was triggered, and no mouse.. peanut butter gone. Last night, we could hear the mouse.. but didn't get lucky. Trap was not triggered and the peanut butter was missing.. ARGH!

So, that was the last straw! After work tonight I stopped and got some different, more effect traps.... I bought two kinds. The de-Con 'No View, No Touch Mouse Traps, and something that I haven't seen before. Its a plastic trap, and claims to be more effect than the ordinary trap. So I got home. Showed Brian my purchases which totaled $12.70. We placed two of the plastic traps in the cupboard with its final nibble of cheese.

We proceeded with our evening. A few hours later we hear a clunk. Brian and I both look at each other and Bri tells me. "I think we got it" He looks in the cupboard where he thinks it may be. I told him to be careful when he opens the door..LOL Gotta think, safety first!

YEP!! We got a mouse!! I'm not an animal killer, well expect for animals that are eating my food and causing havoc!

Guess what I get to do this weekend! You better be thinking, oh my.. she better be cleaning up her cupboards and rewashing all the dishes. Yep, you guessed it!

"Winter Love" SamSarah Design Studio - FINISH

Well I should have waited, could have posted a finish picture... well wait. Here you are!

Yep, I sat down (sorry Snapperville - atleast I got you in the QSnap) and finished up on this too cute of a design.

Its called "Winter Love" from SamSarah Design Studio that was in '07 JCS Ornament magazine. I found this piece of linen, which was 28ct. Stitched with DMC floss. I still need to purchase the buttons that go with this design and will finish it off as a hanging ornament.

So this is my first completion of '08!


Please Stop By Stitch Pink

Please go on over and visit Stitch Pink. Elaine left a beautiful message about a dear cross stitching friend, Angie.

Going to build a town...

Since the day I laid eyes on it.. Ive wanted to stitch it! When it was coming out in the series, each time I would whimper and go... "oh so cute!"

Well its about time I bring it to life! Yep, Im going to start on Bent Creek's "Snapperville"! For those that have no idea what Im talking about.. you can see the charts here.... Barn, Main Street, Homestead, Stockyard, Pumpkin Farm, Town Hall. Of course I dont have what the border will look, so you will have to check back and see. :)

Today in the mail arrived my fabric for Snapperville (which we {SIQ}, is having a Series SAL). I talked with Vickie, and she dyed me a huge piece of 32ct... and its the PERFECT color!! Thank you so much Vickie for doing this for me!! You tell her the color you want, and man oh man.. she delivers!!

I have all the charts and border. But Im going to stitch it alittle differently. I have a different saying picked out. Im really excited. The fabric is all ready to go in the QSnap, and is nicely snug in its QSnap Hugger. Im all set to go! Now to go and find the charts and the floss..LOL

Off to stitch!

WIP Pic of Winter Love from SamSarah Designs

Here is a WIP picture of SamSarah Design from the JCS '07 Ornament Issue, called "Winter Love"

All I have left to do is stitch the red in the scarf, and finish off the heads and I will be done.


Day 1 of 2008

Well, our day didn't start till 12:30pm!! We went to bed the night before at 12:20am, and were soon fast asleep! I so needed the rest!!

After I got up, and going. Threw a load of laundry into the washer. Then I checked emails, and then started lunch.. LOL Did another load later on.

I worked on a QSnap Hugger order, and I got all 12 of them completed! Talked with my sister, my mom and dad on the phone. Just plain had a lazy day! We are watching The Twilight Zone marathon on SciFi, pretty much all evening.

Have not left the house all day, and no plans to either..LOL I'm off to stitch! Might have a finish to show in a couple days! The only plans for tomorrow.. bank and post office!


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