Tonight while walking to my truck after working 10 hrs.. I noticed it was looking weird.. guess what!?!?

I had fr*C*&Tn flat tire on my rear driver side!

We had just had the brakes replaced Tuesday, and noticed that the tire (the one that was flat) was in need of getting repaired.. which we plan to do on Monday. We had talked about putting the spare tire on already on Tuesday. Oh yeah.. and DH decided on Tuesday to put the jack in his vehicle for some reason.. LOL So try changing a tire with out a jack!

Lucky enough I have a wonderful male coworker that took the time out of his shift to help me replace the tire. Why cant they make changing a tire easy on us woman - I would have had to jump and down on the tire wrench - wouldnt have been a pretty sight! LOL

Well the spare is now on.

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Missy said...

Ooh, that sucks! I know that I can't break the lug nuts free when the shop has put them on.

That's one of the last things you want to see after working all day.


Glad that the spare is on now.


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