Just Made some...

Pickled Beets!

Yeah yeah, I know its almost 1am.. but -

Tonight at work, a coworker (the same one that changed my tire last night) brought in some beets from the garden, and asked me if I wanted them. First thought was pickle those babies!

So about 10:30p - I chopped off the ends and boiled them till the skin was peeling off. Chopped up some onions. Had to wait till the beets were cool enough to touch, to peel off the skin. Began the vinegar/water/sugar mixture, while I cut the beets into slices. I now have 2 large jars (the industrial size ones - since I love pickles!) about 3/4th full. :) Im now waiting the 1 hour wait before I can place them in the refrigerator. So I thought I would come on here, and share my wait.. LOL

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Missy said...

Mmm, I love fresh pickled beets! And the onions... Yum! We used to make bread & butter pickles and I always said that we should just make a batch of the onions and can them...delish!

Pass the jar over here.



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