Promise checked OFF!

I made myself a promise.. {gosh ever do that - cant do something till you finish before you can do something next? } And I stuck to the promise! WOOHOO!

I can start a new project! As I stated in the previous post - I wanna stitch Pinetop Lodge by LHN. Well Im happy to say.. Im starting it tomorrow!

I had another "little" project to finish.. so I sat down tonight to work on it.. not expecting to finish it.. but 3 hrs later its done! :) What you ask? I will have pictures soon.. promise!

Tomorrow we are going to Iron Mountain to get the flat tire replaced. We were going to go today but we kinda decided we would go tomorrow. So I got cleaning! I straighten up the living room, mainly around my chair, end table, and the floor where I have all my "needs to be filed" patterns and stash. I got a kick out of Brian.. he would leave and go outside while I clean.. he would come back inside to find it more messy than when he left! I explained to him.. I gotta make a mess to get it organized. Go me!

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