Coming to you from Green Bay

Hi.. just checking in here! Today I got to Green Bay about 11:15a, sat around waiting for my mom to get out of her session. We had lunch at the hotel resturant. My mom went back to class and I went SHOPPING! I went to Hobby Lobby, had to use my 40% coupon.. got a GREAT deal (I feel I did). I have been wanting get some fabric for the Snapperville I want to do.. I found a 28ct evenweave that was a light fiddlers cloth.. just what I was looking for! So with my 18" X 60" piece of fabric only cost me... $4.80! I did get a few other things also.. found some clearence patterns. Will post what they are.. as they are out in the truck at the moment.

Then I went on the other side of Green Bay and visited The Stitching Bee.. gosh I love that little shop! The Stitching Bee is my LNS.. and its only 110 miles away! I walked out with a number of Little House Needleworks charts, lots of cuts of evenweave, and 4 WDW floss Im going to be using soon on a chart. I will post the charts when I get home - as they too are out in the truck (Gosh.. my truck is parked out in the parking lot.. better be there when I get out there.. cause I would be VERY upset if I saw my xstitch stashing MISSING!)

Then I stopped at a Ben Franklin.. shouldnt have even stopped, as I pretty muched walked in and out.. LOL Stopped at a Michael's - wanted to see what they carried as we will be shopping at one in Omaha next month.

Got back to the hotel, as I was to meet my mom around 4p, so we could go down and get my sister and her two girls. And besides I wanted to see Conway as it was his bday yesterday. He loved his quilt! As he was openning the box, he kept saying "fire trucks".. it was too cute! That boy and his fire trucks! I even got to see my dad's new police car! Its a 1952 police car! Its too cool! Only bad thing is.. I forgot to take pictures of the car! DUH! Oh BTW - I got to see my parents' grave stone! It was weird to see it (no there is nothing wrong with them.. just wanted to make sure it was done before something happened :)

On the way back GB, we stopped and McDon's and got some dinner. Got back to the hotel, and first thing Natalie did when we got in the room was found the bed and started jumping!.. LOL We got settled in and we went swimming! Natalie was a little fish! Oh and she didnt like the elevator at first, but being on the 6th floor she had to ride it acouple times.. and now it is called the alligator for some reason.!.. LOL

Well I suppose I should get going.. LOL My sister is hearing me type this.. and said it sounded like mice on the floor making noise.. LMAO!

We hope to get over to Bay Beach tomorrow... but its suppose to be HOT! So we might just lounge around the hotel room, do alittle supply shopping, and spend some time in the pool!

More later!

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Missy said...

Oooh, sounds like you are having a great time. And what good bargains you got! Can't wait to see the stash pics & report.

Is that the same little girl that was jumping on the bed at the cabin? She was too cute!

Have fun and get lots of R&R, you deserve it!

P.S. we don't leave here until 07/08 :(


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