Ive been RAK'ed

RAK means Random Acts of Kindness, and I was RAKed by Missy! Couple of weeks ago, Missy emailed me to ask if I still prefered Aida fabric to stitch on. I emailed her back and said I did. Ive come to know Missy from reading her blog, and she is expecting her first child in Feb. - she lives with her DH in Saipan. Take the time to visit her on her blog... she is my inspiration as she is the one that is always commenting when I make post.. and I really appreciate that!
Well tonight when I got home from work, Brian announces that I had a package.. and Im thinking, umm I havent won anything on ebay lately, and I wasnt expecting a package from anyone. Got inside, and looked on the table. There was a huge envelope from Missy!
Inside was about 2lbs of aida fabric, and an April 2006 Just Cross Stitch magazine. Its just awesome!
You are AWESOME! You are too generous! The fabric will be put to GREAT use! You are a wonderful person, and I really enjoy coming home to see what is going on in your world!

WOOHOO I got 4 days off! Only plans I have is for Monday to go and get my tire replaced (the flat one from yesterday). Going to cross stitch - since I have class projects to do for the retreat in 3 weeks, and gotta finish hand stitching on a quilt. :) Was thinking of going camping this weekend, but we will see.. suppose to get some storms this weekend. So Im off to enjoy the weekend!

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Missy said...

Yay! Fun mail is the best!

Glad you like it



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