Pinetop Lodge Started

Before I headed off to bed, I thought I would post a picture of 'Pinetop Lodge' by Little House Needleworks.

This morning I sat down and kitted up Pinetop Lodge - I had two choices of fabric to use.. 18ct Smoketone or 28ct Tea. Brian helped me chose.. we decided on the Smoketone (Missy this is the piece of fabric you sent.. Thanks!). I had put the floss on the fabric, and it was a good choice! Then I had to wait to start it.. LOL

After we got home from Iron Mountain getting the tire fixed, and some other goodies - and the house organized. Sat down and started working on the design. I'm stitching it using a scroll frame on my floor stand.. have been playing with the right way of stitching.. to get comfortable. I have been using a Qsnap recently.. and I think I might have grown accustom to the feel of the Qsnap. I'm tempted to put the design on a Qsnap.. but then I may have cut the fabric alittle short on the sides for a Qsnap, as it would damage the fabric and cause it to fray.

I'm loving the design! Its so me! This is being stitched for... ME (DUH!)


Missy said...

Pinetop Lodge is looking great! Glad to see the fabric being put to such good use. :)

What I do if I have lots of extra fabric hanging off the q snap, is I just fold the fabric up and snap the side clamps on over the folded part. Makes the clamps more sturdy and less likely to roll around. If you want, I can show you a picture. Sorry I am bad at explaining.


Anonymous said...

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