Update On "Me"

For our retreat in Omaha, we have assignments - since we are having "classes", we need certain projects finished to do the classes. A Cube-it class, flatfold, handanger, and a photo album cover. So far I have the flatfold design started .. we have to stitch a beta fish (its on the Michael's freebie website). I started the design last night, and even stitched outside for a couple hours till I was getting eaten alive by the biting flies.

For the photo album cover, we have to stitch the design that I made for the ILCS logo contest a couple years back. When I first stitched it.. I never made a copy of it, since it was other designs used to make the design, and it was some or my ideas also. So the other night I sat down downloaded PSStitch7 to designed the block, got to the part to save - I couldn't save the design or even print it out. I contacted a friend and told her about my dilemma and she helped me out! So I was able to get it saved and sent to her, and now everyone has a copy of my design. For the cube it class, we need to bring a finished project - like one from a block swap.. I'm thinking of taking my Acorns & Pines and make it into a cube it. I'm just thankful that I have a four day weekend this weekend!

I had the opportunity to start my neighbor Melanie in cross stitching! I got home yesterday from the quilt studio, and she came over to ask if I could teach her cross stitching. We paged thru some books to find a goat.. since she loves goats. I showed her how to read a chart, how to find the DMC floss, showed her the goodies that she would need for the project, how to find the center of the fabric, how to stitch - starting and ending. I sent her home with a good start last night.. and she just pmed me to say that she hopes to finish her goat tonight.

Like I said above.. I was at the quilt studio yesterday.. I had my first experience with machine quilting! It was alot of fun, but I found out the amount of work it takes just to get the quilt ready for machine quilting - pinning the quilt top to the canvas, pinning the backing material to the canvas.. and getting the thread on the machine, and getting it ready to run! I cant show pics of the quilt nor the machine quilting, as the quilt is a gift, and I don't want to "show it off".. LOL I will have pics later when the quilt is ready to be shown off. I hope to get machine quilting again. (Thanks again Laurie Jean for allowing me to do the machine quilting. Thanks for your guidance and support!)

Well I suppose I should get to bed.. have to work the next 3 days, then Im off for FOUR! WOOHOO! Pray for nice weather, as it might be the only chance we go camping this year... my hobbies are cutting into my camping time this year - and I think our camping neighbors are sadden by us not coming out to camp with them.


Jenn said...

I just came across your blog though Missy's and I wanted to say hi. :)

Missy said...

Oooh, finishing classes sound fun! Maybe you can share techniques when I get stumped.

Can't wait to see what you have been working on in the quilting studio! It is bound to be a beauty, I am sure!



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