Pinetop Lodge WIP Picture

I thought that before I moved the project on the scroll frame - I would post a WIP picture. This is the top half of Pinetop Lodge by Little House Needleworks completed! When I was stitching, I thought I would go 'up' with my stitching. Im happy I did. cause the rest of the design is going to go fast!

Not bad for starting this design last Tuesday.. I guess you can say I spend too much time stitching.. now that doesnt bother me!

Another thing its too bad that this design isnt cooling us off in this 97'F heat! I bet those snowflakes would melt as fast as the popsicle I had ealier today!


Shell said...

I am working on this too,I have made a few thread changes along the way.We had a heatwave in the UK too but it didn't cool me off either working on it.
Yours is looking great cannot wait to see it finished

Missy said...

Looks great! I can't wait to see it done and at this rate it should be right around the corner.

Any plans for the pattern once you are done? : ) I would be up for a trade or something if you are interested.



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