Some Pics from Bay Beach

While in Green Bay we went over to Bay Beach (which is along the banks of the Bay of Green Bay). Its a CHEAP amusement park. It cost a quarter for 1 ticket.. and for the rides that Nat went on.. it was only 1 ticket! My sister bought $5 worth of tickets. Her very first amusement ride of her life was the "War Planes" and of course she picked her plane - and sat in it backwords.. LOL Thats my girl! She also rode the boats, ladybugs, caterpillar, train cars, race car, helicopter (twice). She even got to ride on a REAL pony! The horse's name was "Pokey".. LOL. Nat and I rode on the train that takes you for a short train ride. Our last ride of the day - the Merry go Around - we all rode it! Even Kaylee had her first amusement ride! She did really well riding her elephant!.. LOL Natalie even got an adorable Bay Beach tshirt.. and she had to wear it right away.. so we took the oportunity to get a pic of the girls in front of the train depot.

I have alot more pics of the girls - the camera was accidently dropped. But on the picture after the drop (like the one above) you see a black shading in the corner. But I think I may have gotten it fixed.

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