ILCS Logo Retreat Assignment #2

DOUBLE WAHOO! I started this project at 9:30pm, and it was going so fast -told Brian that I was going to have it done before I went to bed.. and at 12:30am. I put the last stitch in! Don't mind me as I blow on my needle.. LOL

This is my 2nd assignment complete for the ILCS retreat next month that I've completed today!! I originally designed this design for a contest on the message board. I won 2nd place for it. I then sent the original finish design finished into a tuck pillow to the group mom, two years ago. I was asked if my entry for the contest could be used to finished as a photo album cover. I used the picture that I had to use a designing program to chart it out. Looks very similar to the original design, but the retreat's design didn't have all the color changes (the lites/darks - just went with the solid colors.

So I got my homework done.. well the stitching part of it all. I have to sort out my finish projects to find some to be finished as cube-its. And I also have to finish my name tag - just need to square it out.

Tomorrow Im going to chart up a Little House Needleworks chart called "Pinetop Lodge" I received this chart a few years back... another stitcher had stitched it and offered me the chart. I jumped on it... cause I loved the design! I even was looking for some fabric the other day.. and Missy (Thanks so much again Missy!) had sent me some aida.. and I think I might have found the piece I wanna use. But Im going to just use DMC floss, so I will just pull out the colors and play with the fabric alittle to see what I like.

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