I WON ILCS Survivor!

I belong to a Yahoo cross stitching group called ILCS. During the month of June, a birthday bash was held for the 2nd birthday of the group being formed.

As a celebration of the birthday, ILCS Survivor was played. Everyone (there was 17 that played) that wanted to play sent $5.00 worth of newly purchased stitching goodies to the group mother, who also hosted the game. Back at the beginning of June there was a question and the first person to answers the question correct had immunity and could not be voted off. So a poll was held and the person that had the most votes each time was 'voted' out of the game. It was a hard time, as I hated voting for anyone. Then there was several questions and polls given, and a person voted off each time. I was lucky enough to win immunity once. Well it came down to me and 2 other stitching friends. Well, Im shocked to say I won! The last vote was to pick the person you wanted to win the goodies that was sent earlier, and to receive the money for a gift certificate for a ONS or LNS to spend.

I was aware of the stash that Im receiving, but I found out today that Im receiving $50! I have requested that the group mother umm hand me the $$ when we get to Omaha! - so I have some stash $$ to spend when we go shop hoppin! I will post a pic of the stash when it arrives.

Im just so thankful for the people that didnt vote for me during the game, and for the ones that did vote for me in the final round... they made one happy person here!

Below is a picture of the stash Im going to be receiving in the mail soon. :)


Missy said...

Woo Hoo! Great job on winning and what a great stash haul with $50 to boot! You can't beat that! Sounds like alot of fun.

I agree, it would be hard voting off people in the group.


Anna from ILCS said...

I'm happy that you won Kim. I can't think of a more deserving person. I hope you enjoy spending your stash money and enjoy the ILCS get together. I sure wish I could go!!

Heather said...

Yay well done Kim. That stash looks great.


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