I Love my Stash!

Ok you non-stitchers.. its something you wouldn't just understand! I had S.E.X. - your thinking.. umm WHAT! Well to us stitchers - it means - Stash Enhancement eXperience and I had a great time doing it! I visited Hobby Lobby, The Stitching Bee, Ben Franklin, and Michael's.

While at the Stitching Bee on Wednesday - I went Little House Needleworks stashing! I got the following designs

  • Herb Garden
  • Paper Whites
  • Lavender Hill
  • Woodland Sampling
  • Daisy Lane Cottage
  • Plant Kindness
  • Lakeside Lodge

I have fallen inlove with these designs! I would have gotten more.. but I would have gone broke! Need to save for Omaha - so I think I did good!

My other stashing include a whole some evenweave and linen fabric! Gosh I couldnt stop!.. LOL I found a bin at the LNS and went crazy! They were all cuts of other cuts, so they will make great ornament. I also got 4 WDW floss for an upcoming project. Also I got some beads - actually bought 2 of them.. as I couldnt find the # I needed, so bought # next to it.. and then of course I found the # at the last store I visted.. LOL. I also got some beading needles.

I got snaps for the Snapperville that I got the large cut of 28ct light fiddlers evenweave for! And I searched out the clearace at H.L, and came up with 3 cheap charts - Twisted Threads; "Easter Gingham", and "Spring Gingham", Homespun Elegance - "Summer Gathering"

BTW - to much going on.. didnt even get a chance to stitch!

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Missy said...

Great stash!

I thought I had commented about it before, but it is just so great, I had to come back and see again, lol.

Good haul!



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