Beta Fish FINISH!

I have to say.. I'm really happy to have this finish complete! Means I can finally clean the house... no not exactly!.. LOL

Last night and today I really had my needle smokin! I was determined to get this project done! This is a freebie from Michael's - which we need to have stitched for the retreat, since its a class assignment. We are making this into a flatfold. I would guess it took about 20 hours to stitch! So you can see why I'm excited to have it stitched!

Now I have to stitch a design that I created for a contest, and have been asked to design it for the retreat - which I have.. now I just need to stitch it. Might start on it tonight, or tomorrow. Then I can get to some "ME" stitching!

1 comment:

Missy said...

Your betta looks nice! It would have taken me forever!

Can't wait to see the flatfold finish when you come back.


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